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views of bisley past

If you have any old photos we can use on the site please get in touch; we will scan them & quickly return them to you. You will be credited on the photo. They can be of anything local as we want to build up a repository of images so they are saved for the future. 

If you can add dates or details to any of these images please contact us so we can identify them correctly. Thanks (see below for updates)


Susan from Australia emailed to say: I have information about one of the old photos on your site - the one titled "Overcourt - gardeners & nanny".

This same photo/postcard was sent to my grandfather's sister, Lily Elizabeth (Bessie) Long by her friend Dolly on Oct 5, 1909.

The male on the left is my grandfather, Arthur Thomas (Tom) Long, the one on the right is his brother John Willie Long, and the lady with the pram is described on the postcard as John's "tart". As he was married to Ellen Lucy (Nellie) Wager in April of 1910, I think the lady is likely to be Nellie Wager. Both Tom and John worked as gardeners.