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Gardiner Family

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9 years 1 week ago #478 by Ashtyn
Ashtyn created the topic: Gardiner Family
My great grandmother was an Elizabeth (Eliza) Gardiner. On the census returns her address was Bitcombe (not sure of spelling), parish of Bisley, village of Oakridge.
Can anyone tell me if Bitcombe is the name of a house or area?

Eliza was married to a Jem Turner of Charlton Kings. Her mother and father both had the surname of Gardiner - John and Elizabeth. She also had many siblings- Sarah, Lucy, Ellen, Mark, Louisa, Jane.

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9 years 1 week ago #479 by Bisleysalmons
Bisleysalmons replied the topic: Re:Gardiner Family
Bidcombe is the name of a property just inside the northern boundary of the Chalford parish. See map at : http://www.stroud.gov.uk/gis/gisviewer/default.htm?Box=390575:203434:390695:203554&QueryZoom=Yes&Tools=Yes

I also understand Bidcombes to be the name given to the area adjacent to this property, to the north of Oldhills Wood, between the Strawberry Banks and Solomons Court.

Solomons Court, the neighbouring property to the north is in the Bisley parish. Parish/Ward boundaries can be seen in the attached document.

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