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10 years 8 months ago #258 by Karen jordan
Karen jordan created the topic: JORDAN
Does anyone in the village have any info on the Jordans? My father was a David Jordan and he was born in the village. He is now buried there after a lifetime away! His siblings where Joan. Tom, Bernard, Rob and John. I would love to know anything about them ( particularly my father ) I know my father had a friend in the village called Grace and I would love to know if she is still in the village. My fathers uncle is on the War memorial and is buried in the village. We put flowers on his grave. Anybody who remembers my fathers parents or extended family is also sought after for their memories. My father was buried in the village and had his funeral and wake in the village so anyone who attended that I didn't speak to is most interesting!
Karen Jordan

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9 years 9 months ago #426 by Monica Belt nee Dean
Monica Belt nee Dean replied the topic: Re:JORDAN
My mother was Monica Dean before her marriage. She was born in Grove Cottage on 5.5.24 and her parents were William Dean and Annie (nee Ansloe-Jordan). Uncle Jack (John) died after returning from the First World War of flu, having signed up eventhough he was under age. They lived at Parlour Farm with parents and Charlie, Edith, Mary. Jack was the youngest boy and Annie was the youngest of all the siblings. Charlie had a haulage business with two shire horses opposite Grove Cottage in Back Lane. All of the children, including David Jordan, were born in Grove Cottage. Charlie and David (your father) visited my mother's mother (Annie) and sister (Edith) when they resided at Leonard Stanley Mill, near Stonehouse. Hope this is of some help.
Judy Cheshire

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