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9 years 9 months ago #415 by Louisa merlock
Louisa merlock created the topic: Quarhouse
Hi i have just joined the forum after looking for info on the internet with regards to my family history.

i was wondering if any one could help with the lil hamlet of Quarhouse...does this come under Bisley, Thrupp, brimscombe etc....
i am trying to locate where my grt grandmother would of went to school.
she died around the age of 90 in horns road.
Any info on quarhouse would be a great help

Great site , keep up the good work

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  • Karianne Fisher
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9 years 8 months ago #440 by Karianne Fisher
Karianne Fisher replied the topic: Re:Quarhouse
Hi Lou,
As far as I can see Quarhouse in in Brimscombe. If you type in Quarhouse in your search box it should bring up a Quarhouse homepage thats has some pics of the area and a little map of the roadds
Hope this helps
Kind regards

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  • Piers
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9 years 7 months ago #443 by Piers
Piers replied the topic: Re:Quarhouse
Hi Lou

Just noticed your message whilst googling Quarhouse for completeley unrelated matter. So joined forum in order to reply.

I have lived in Upper Bourne at Brimscombe all my life (50 years) and my family has been here for about 120,and as we are no more than a few hundred yards from Quarhouse, I thought I might be able to help. If I can't there are one or two people in Quarhouse who have been around longer and might have known of your gt grans family and I can ask on your behalf. There are no new houses here and it is not much different from when she lived here, although the view will have changed a bit.

It is likely she went to school at Thrupp or Brimscombe.

If you know which house she lived in I'll quite happily get you a photo if you are interested

Kind regards


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